Thanksgiving Menu 2016

Butternut Squash Soup 12.00
Ceasar Salad 12.00
Paisana Salad 14.00
Chopped greens, radicchio, endive, red onions, tomato, mozzarella, chickpeas
Antipasto Toscana 18.00
Martedelle, prosciutto, provolone, parmagiano, touch of truffle oil
Carpaccio Nostro 16.00
With Arugula and shaved parmagiano
Pettine Pan Scottato 21.00
Pan seared Sea Scallops, marinated beets, grand marnier, orange zest
Asparagus Inamorato 18.00
Asparagus wrapped with prosciutto, smoked mozzarella, and Marsala wine
Linguini Nero 36.00
Squid-Ink pasta and calamari stuffed with crabmeat, shrimp, scallops, marichiara sauce
Ravioli Porcini26.00
Cheese filled Ravioli with porcini mushrooms and a touch of cream
Pollo Martini 26.00
Breast of chicken, served with spinach, lemon and white wine
Veal Cardinale 28.00
Veal Scallopine with roasted peppers and melted mozzarella in a light brown sauce
Turkey alla Arte 27.00
Stuffed with meat ragu, chestnuts, sun-dried tomatoes, brown sauce
Osso Bucco 36.00
Served with risotto
Wild Salmon 29.00
Sauteed with fennel, olives, and lightly spiced white wine sauce
Pumpkin Mousse Cake 12.00
Apple Strudel 12.00
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